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Title IX For Faculty.

We navigate Title IX and Professional Code of Conduct disciplinary cases.

If you are a faculty member, administrator or employee at a college or university facing a Title IX complaint or other disciplinary matter, you likely (and rightly) have significant concern for your employment and reputation. Oftentimes, a matter that would be confidential in any other setting becomes public because you may be placed on administrative leave. We have successfully represented and skillfully negotiated on behalf of faculty (tenured and untenured), administrators, and university employees (unionized and not) at public and private universities or medical schools across the nation in disciplinary matters involving Title IX claims, claims of racial or religious discrimination, and/or alleged violations of professional codes. Oftentimes these matters may raise academic freedom and First Amendment issues.


There is no one-size-fits-all representation; each matter requires an analysis of the relevant code(s), campus climate, and employment contracts. We understand how these types of allegations may impact your continued employment, tenure, paid leave, or collective bargaining rights. In the realm of research faculty positions, it may not only be your employment in jeopardy but also retaining government grants. We develop a strategy designed to lead to a positive result in disciplinary matters, mitigate any damage to reputation, and continue on with your professional goals.

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Faculty members, administrators, and employees can face serious consequences — including a jeopardized career, tenure, or employment — in the wake of Title IX accusations. Here’s why our clients turn to us.

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Lorie Dakessian was wonderful to work with. She guided us with kindness and clarity throughout the process. We always felt that we were being given solid information and advice… [She] was compassionate when emotions arose, while also keeping us focused on the process at hand.

Faculty Member Client

Patricia Hamill was amazing. She was empathic, insightful, responsive and very easy to work with. She went above and beyond in helping me to navigate the situation and helped me to achieve a positive result. I can't thank her enough.

Faculty Member Client

Lorie, you have been awesome during a very difficult time in my life. Thank you so much for your kindness and outstanding legal service.

Faculty Member Client