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Title IX For Students.

We protect your rights in Title IX and Code of Conduct disciplinary cases and through litigation.

Title IX and Code of Conduct Disciplinary Cases

If you are facing an accusation of a Title IX violation, sexual misconduct, or other student conduct matter, you are likely (and rightly) worried about your future. You need clear guidance on how best to meet the challenges of a possible code of conduct violation and to have an advocate by your side every step of the way. Our client-first approach is backed by years of experience at universities around the country. We guide you through the immediate legal issues of your code of conduct matter with deep expertise and compassion, working closely with you to analyze the university’s processes, seek procedural safeguards, and fully prepare for the challenges of a campus case. We take a holistic approach, tailoring our strategy to your specific situation and keeping in mind the impact of any possible finding on your student record, your plans for graduate or professional school, or your prospective employment.

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We work closely with students to analyze the university’s processes, seek procedural safeguards, and fully prepare for the challenges of a campus case.

Vindicating Rights Through Litigation

If you need your rights vindicated through litigation, you want an experienced team of lawyers. At Clark Hill, we tackle Title IX and related litigation with the uniquely agile, collaborative approach that is a hallmark of our approach to all litigation at the firm. Our nationwide litigation practice focuses on advocating for students who have suffered from a lack of fairness during a campus disciplinary proceeding arising from Title IX or code of conduct violations. We are tenacious litigators with a strong record of achieving favorable results in high-stakes lawsuits against colleges and universities, litigating cases based on lack of due process, Title IX or other civil rights violations, breach of contract, and tort liability. While litigation may be the only avenue to vindicate your rights, there are times where pre-litigation efforts can achieve the same result. We have helped clients avoid litigation by successfully negotiating with university counsel to resolve cases pre-suit, including having student disciplinary findings and sanctions vacated or modified.

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Title IX and other conduct code violation allegations can result in disrupted education and compromised future prospects for students — and they need experienced attorneys in their corner. Learn how we can help.

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Conrad O'Brien Top 10 Tips if you have been accused of a Title IX violation

Top Ten Tips if You Have Been Accused of a Title IX Violation

If you have been accused of a Title IX violation, you may learn quickly that your procedural, constitutional, and evidentiary rights are abridged or nonexistent. With your future on the line, you may face significant challenges unless you develop a thoughtful course of action early on. 

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I had a positive and impactful experience with Lorie Dakessian and Clark Hill when she represented my son in a Title IX case. Lorie's professionalism and effectiveness in handling complex situations were instrumental in navigating the challenging nuances of this case. Her dedication to my son's fair treatment and expertise in the law as well as university procedures played a crucial role in achieving a favorable outcome. It was evident to us that her support, guidance, and calming influence during emotionally charged moments made a significant difference in the trajectory of my son's college and career aspirations. I wholeheartedly recommend her and attribute her with saving my son's future.

Parent of a Campus Discipline Client

My family engaged the firm (led by Patricia Hamill) at the worst time in our lives. Patricia, and colleague Jonathan Cohen, were calm, strategic, fully committed … [with] total integrity. Great team. Patricia … led with every molecule in her most impressive brain and in her deep soul. She truly cared and she personally embraced us… She saved our precious family and refused to let lies prevail.

Parent of a Campus Discipline Client

Lorie Dakessian and Lindsay McDonald are knowledgeable, honest, understanding, and very responsive attorneys. They kept us informed during every step of our son's Title IX case and set our expectations and ultimate goal in our son's defense. We are so thankful to have found them and grateful for their assistance during this very difficult and unfair process. Words cannot express how thankful we are to Lorie and Lindsay for helping our son.

Parent of a Campus Discipline Client

Patricia Hamill is an incredibly gifted lawyer who not only knows the detailed nuances of Title IX law and the university processes but also has the street smarts and toughness that only come from years of experience. Her calm, confident, and strategically aggressive style successfully guided our family through a difficult time.

Parent of a Campus Discipline Client

[Lorie Dakessian and team] were just incredible. It's hard to know how to get across the depth of our gratitude. Their approach to strategy and their meticulous preparation . . . made it clear that they had tremendous experience and skill. Their kindness, patient guidance, and clear communication was equally impressive and welcome during a consummately painful and frustrating ordeal.

Parent of a Campus Discipline Client

Patricia Hamill and team are very professional and communicated extremely well. We felt our [child] was in good hands with the team at Conrad O'Brien.

Parent of a Campus Discipline Client

Lorie Dakessian and team provided my [child] and me outstanding expertise, direct and frequent communication, a calm stepped approach, empathy, clarity of focus… [She] successfully navigated my child through a challenging terrain that no child should have to endure.

Parent of a Title IX Client

Patricia Hamill and [the attorneys] were a competent team and gave us clear communications throughout this process. They also partnered with our criminal attorney which reduced our anxiety and time spent on this traumatic series of events.

Parent of a Campus Discipline Client

Lindsay McDonald and Lorie Dakessian were the consummate professionals. They were compassionate, knowledgeable, and always accessible.

Parent of a Title IX Client