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April 16, 2020

Patricia Hamill Opposes Delayed Title IX Regulation Enactment Due to COVID-19 in Op-Ed

Co-Chair of the Title IX and Campus Discipline practice Patricia Hamill authored an op-ed published by InsideSources. The piece recounted college administrators’ and other coalitions’ pushback of the Department of Education’s proposed Title IX regulations that outline protections for victims and accused parties in campus sexual misconduct proceedings. From day one, opponents of the regulations have made it clear that they will do everything in their power to see the regulations are never enacted — including sending four letters asking the DOE to defer rulemaking due to COVID-19.

In the Op-Ed, Patricia expresses concern that the efforts to capitalize on the pandemic ought to be recognized for what they are: a collective push to delay the regulation’s adoption until the next election in hope they never take effect. She writes that students accused of campus sexual misconduct have waited long enough for basic fairness — and that these rules must be enacted now.

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